Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Photography - A click can be cherished forever!

A picture beautifully describes a moment captured, a slice of life frozen in time, a frame for eternity and a story forever. Though we cannot remember each and every moment of life and cannot steal a moment from the fast paced life around us, but yes, we can definitely seize and capture some awesome moments by one click and those can be cherished forever.

Clicking pictures can be your hobby which you want to do in your spare time, but it can also be your passion which you want to convert into a profession. With the thousands of photographers around us, it is really difficult to start and grow your photography business.

If you have dream of living a life of ethereal photo shoots and want to grab the best photography jobs then here are some tips to click-start your journey;

Anyone can be a photographer by clicking a picture, but what really matters is how to present the soul of the subject with your photography skills. To apply for best photography jobs, one must possess the art of clicking pictures.

During an initial stage, assist some experienced photographers to know the intricacies and gain knowledge of photography business. This will not only give first-hand experience but also help you in creating contacts, resulting in best photography jobs.

Before applying for photography jobs, it is necessary to know your subject. If you are interested in fashion photography then applying for the job of product photographer would not work. Look out for those jobs only in which you have experience and you can give your best shots.

There is no harm in applying for freelance photography job s which you can do alongside your full-time job. You will find many companies interested in hiring freelance photographer. In this case, you will be paid per project and the best part is – your resume will be full of different projects while making you an experienced photographer.

If you dream photography and cannot wait to grab the best photography jobs, then go digital! There are several websites which pay handsome amount to the photographers for their best click. Try to find the web portals who have photography jobs available according to your profile and apply.

Apart from mentioning your portfolio in your resume or sending it to different recruiters by mail, create your own website and publish your work. Though maintaining a website can be a tough task and could cost your pocket a little more, in that case, you can opt for best digital platforms which allows you to have your own micro-site.

talentrack, India’s best talent exchange platform, is one of the best way to achieve success in the media and arts community. You can register on talentrack and by upgrading your profile to premium, you will get your own micro-site. This can be really helpful as you can upload your work and get it promoted on various social media platforms.

Lastly, apart from spending hours scouring the internet and your contacts for open photography jobs, utilize your time to learn the best ways of clicking pictures because in the end the only thing that counts is your talent!

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