Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Let your passion speak through your designs!

Designing is the most creative field in today’s time and what plays the crucial role in a designer’s life is creativity and work style. To be in the designing business you need to follow the new trends, promote your designs on social media platforms and always have to work to make your designs better than before.

If designing is your passion and you are looking out for graphic designer jobs then here are few guidelines to follow;

Before applying for graphic designer jobs, be clear with your goals and expectations. As designing is a vast field, you might receive various job profiles. So, it is necessary to get enough details about the company and its projects before applying. This will help you in having a good understanding about the work and expectations they have from you.

To have a smoother interview process while applying for graphic designer jobs, you need to know your skills and potential. For instance, you are master in creating designs on Adobe Illustrator but you have applied in a company where they use Visual Studio, in this case you cannot give your 100 percent and match the expectations of the recruiters. So, knowing your skills and recruiters demand will help you in shortlisting the jobs of your kind.

Always be prepared for the unexpected. While giving interviews for graphic designer jobs, you have to be instant with your answers as you never know what your recruiter might ask you! To showcase your designing skills, you may show your portfolio and designing work, but he might ask you to critique a competitor’s design to know your creative process and better understanding. You should always be ready to handle the unknown while giving an interview.

While applying for graphic designer jobs, do not rely on your portfolios. Showcasing your portfolio is not the best strategy to grab a job, especially when it comes to top-level agency work. You may talk about the designs on your portfolio and what inspired you to make those particular choices. This way, you will give a better understanding to the recruiter about your creativity.

Do not wait for the big opportunity to start your career. Start with freelancing and small projects as these will give you an excellent chance to work on different profiles adding experience on your portfolio.

Having relevant industry experience also counts when you apply for graphic designer jobs. Most of the recruiters prefer only those candidates who have knowledge and have worked within the industry. This eliminates the time required to get up to speed on the business and making a successful project.

Finally, apart from your creativity and talent what also matters is your networking and social media skills. Make sure to promote your designs on social media platforms and on job portals as well. Create your profile on some job portals where you can showcase your designs and contact the recruiters directly. One of such portal is talentrack, which provides you a platform to create your own account by adding your designs and description. Also, you can apply to jobs on talentrack and recruiters will call you directly if your profile matches their expectations.

Last but not the least, the biggest thing to remember when applying for graphic designer jobs is that the recruiter is looking for more than just a specific skill set. The expectations of a recruiter are relatively high when it comes to hire a designer because their overall creativity, thinking process and work style are the crucial factors that matters the most. So make sure your designs and thoughts reflect your passion for creativity.

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