Wednesday, 30 November 2016

First break is all you need!

There is no doubt that “Acting is everybody’s second favourite job” as great actor and filmmaker Jack Nicholson has said. Some people are living their dream and some are still dreaming about it. In today’s time where you can find numerous acting colleges and courses, knowing acting is not enough in fact getting acting jobs is a task.

There are many opportunities in this entertainment world for the newcomers and for well established artists, but cracking a deal to showcase your talent on-screen is not an easy chore. So, here are some tips to guide you to get better acting jobs:

Do not choose acting as a career if you are mesmerised by the fame and glamour an actor gets after being successful. Searching for acting jobs can be a stressful task, so if you are really willing to be an actor and if acting is your passion, then only enter this field.

Once you are sure about your acting career, study and research more about it. The more knowledge you have about your subject, the better you will perform in front of camera. Do some research, learn what type of training you will need and what will be your plan of action to get best acting jobs and a successful career.

Before jumping into the ocean learn swimming. It is very common these days that youngsters who want to make their career in acting world, enter the industry without knowing its ethics, rules and more than that without knowing anything about acting. So learn the basics of acting by joining some theatre group or by assisting filmmakers.

Take each and every opportunity that comes across. Whether it’s a play, a commercial, documentary or a movie don’t miss any chance to prove your acting skills. Also, get in touch with agents or managers and give them copies of your portfolio in order to get offers for acting jobs.

If you are not getting the kind of acting jobs you desire then there is no harm in working as an extra in a film. This will not only give you experience but also will give you an insight of the working system of our film industry.

At the end, it depends on how smartly you have prepared yourself to grab best acting jobs. There are no shortcuts to becoming successful in this acting world, but if you really want to make a mark in this industry then you need to stay consistent and have patience.

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