Monday, 10 October 2016

Famous casting director, Shanoo Sharma’s tips on making it – Part 4


I see a lot of aspiring actors and models putting photos of themselves and their bodies on social media. Lots of pictures of gym workouts. Now I’m not saying there is a problem with that but that’s not the only thing one should upload.

When we look up someone online, we always look for an interesting profile, a well-travelled person who reflects his personality through what he uploads, and who he follows. It tells you a lot about a person. An interesting profile is way more important than the amount of followers you have.

So come out of yourself and shift your camera outward. Watch people, watch their body language. Be curious about things. Question them and then answer them.

Figure out why a couple sits in a restaurant at the age of 55 and doesn’t look at each other. Or why two people in their 20s are all about pleasing each other. Body language observation is a big part of acting. There is a world out there. With people. Things. Moments. Look at them. They will touch you, move you and change you.


When I’m looking for a lead girl or boy, I don’t only look at their craft and their visual, I also am looking at what their first interview, first TV appearance, and first award speech would be like. I am looking for a personality. A personality that is real, confident and attracts all who come across it.

Even if you are from a small town, I want to hear your story about how simple life is back home and how the contrast makes you feel. I like people who are passionate about things. I mean you should be passionate about life. Not just about yourself and acting. There is more to life. Conversations, knowledge and being street smart.

Every director and producer likes to have an actor who has all of these qualities. Be humble, be good, be real and don’t apologise for who you are. Respect your grain.


Create your own groove. Become who you are and show this world something new. Don’t try be the next SRK or Salman Khan. Create your own tribe. Ranveer Singh has done it. Alia Bhatt has done it. Vicky Kaushal has done it. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done it.

Source: Film Companion

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