Monday, 10 October 2016

Famous casting director, Shanoo Sharma’s tips on making it – Part 2


Improving yourself, learning something new and being open to change everyday is the key! You should never think you know it all and don’t need to learn more. If your stomach is full, there will be no hunger. So always give yourself the space to learn more.

There is no age for this. I have met people in their 40s doing acting workshops and I salute them for having that kind of courage. Sometimes people get so trained and so stuck up with the idea that they have been taught acting or have been groomed that it becomes impossible to break that mould.

However, there are a few, who take what I have to say positively too. I remember many years ago, a model came to me and all his pictures were naked photos of him lying on the beach in his underwear. And I told him, ‘I’m sorry, these are not acting photographs. They’re meant for fashion.’ He politely took what I had to say and left. And I thought, ‘Oh god! I’ve offended another one.’

He came back to me in six months. He had shaved his head off. He got a crew cut. He was wearing a loose white linen shirt. He had done as many theatre workshops as possible. And he started to get work, here and there. To me, even that much in six months is a sign of growth.


Gifts, compliments and sweet words lose their charm when they have a motive of work involved. A gift of gratitude is always wonderful, but to think that you have impressed the casting director through these gestures and you will get work is pointless. There are occasions when I have walked into the office and found expensive branded bags and wallets and other branded things. Our production house does not encourage this thankfully and I get to follow the same route. This point needs to be understood. It is not necessary. You want to be good to me? Be humble and don’t send me 100 texts a day and I promise it will work wonders.


You meet actors every day. A percentage of these make sure that they SMS you within a few hours after the meeting, asking you out for a cup of coffee or telling you how they felt a connection and we should hang out.

People hit on you. It happens all the time, and trust me it’s not nice because one is aware of the motive and it’s not flattering for anyone to know that. Any actor who tries to flirt with me, I screenshot, save messages and keep a folder on my phone. So, in case if I ever get questioned by people about that matter (although I never do), there’s a folder with name, time and number, it’s all saved. I don’t respond to it. Or pay attention to it.

There are times I’m sitting at a restaurant with my friends and I will get a text saying, ‘looking pretty in white ma’am’. It can get a little weird but I’m used to handling it now. However, don’t be that guy. I promise you, it will have more of an impression.

For girls it’s the same. With the industry becoming professional, one does not need to compromise to get work. The kind of people who expect that from you ladies are not the people you should be working with in the first place.

Wearing revealing clothes is not going to help either. The way you present yourself is the impression you create. Make sure it’s a good one and the kind that makes you get the work you dream of.

Source: Film Companion

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