Wednesday, 9 September 2015


@talentrack we wish you to do well! Follow these simple tips/tricks to get your way through the toughies:


1. Are you well prepared?

Rehearse loud at home. It does help! Never miss the hellos, goodbyes and obviously that smile. Dress yourself up but no need to get all fancy. You’re preparation brings out the confidence in you. A well prepared actor oozes confidence and that’s what makes you enjoy your performance.

2. Get your focus straight

Stay in the moment. Focus on your strengths, your positives. A slight shift in focus will make you distracted or self-doubting. Make sure your directors don’t smell your ‘desperation’. Remind yourself that you’re on the right track, now just don’t look back.

3. Believe in yourself

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Be your real self. You’re self-belief will take out the performer in you. Don’t lie. Keeping faith in your talent is what will keep you going. Make a promise, a commitment to your talent. Be proud of who you are.


1. Don’t always go for the obvious

Don’t be a bore! Bring your own freshness of interpretation to a scene. Infuse your skills and own understanding in the shot.  Be a little ‘hatke’ to catch their eyes! Don’t leave your sense of humour at home. Keep it exciting and refreshing so that you can leave your mark.

2. No to nervousness

Calm your nerves! Make sure you’re nervousness doesn’t distract you. Relax. It’s only when you’re at ease that you can make the directors feel comfortable. Switch on some music, take a long walk or maybe just sit in silence-anything that keeps you calm.

3. Don’t be a talker

Let your talent do all the talking. Don’t just serve yourself but serve the project also. Over communication at the time of auditions may put across your image as a nuisance. Always remember, anything is excess is bad. It’s the talent in you that is being searched.

And and and …

Treat yourself!

Reward time! Treat yourself with ice-cream, a hot bath, a great meal. You deserve it! After all the hard work of putting yourself out there, it’s time to enjoy!

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