Friday, 24 November 2017

All set to walk the runway of your dreams?

Beautiful models representing brands, fame and money are the first things that come to mind when we think about modelling. In India, there a lot of female models who are known for their commanding presence on both ramp and print. But with change in trend and lifestyle, men’s grooming, wellness and style, the opportunities for male modelling also has increased tremendously in the recent times.

If you have that confidence and self-assurance in yourself to become one of the top models, here are some tips;

Getting modelling jobs in the first go should not be your aim to set your modelling career. Try to know the modelling world and collect information about the same as much as you can. Many people use modelling as a medium to enter the film industry, but some still prefer doing ramp and print work. So, before you step in to this crazy world, do your research and select the kind of modelling you are interested in.

Having chiselled, clean-cut look and dapper charm are not the basic requirements to need to get modelling jobs. There are other basic industry standards as well according to which a model is being judged. Try to work on your personality and meet the requirements before dreaming about being a successful model.

Having some experience and exposure will help you in getting modelling jobs. So, before the final show, try to gain some knowledge and experience in your field. There are so many talent hunts and reality shows which focus only on models, participate in these kind of shows and know your capabilities.

The best way to get modelling jobs is through an agent from the industry. You need to find some reputed modelling agency which can help you in making your dreams come true! There are so many agencies working for models, you need to be really careful while choosing one.

Apart from having an agent to look out for modelling jobs for you, another important thing you need to have is a stunning portfolio which you can send to brands, agencies and casting agents. You can try to have one digital portfolio as well which is easy to make and share. With over 20,000 models, India’s leading talent-hiring portal, talentrack not only gives you a platform to create a portfolio, but it also allows you to apply for jobs too. It’s an easy way to find and apply for modelling jobs.

Getting modelling jobs might be a daunting task as you will not get to endorse big brands during the initial stage of your career. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get opportunities to showcase your talent, all you need to have is perseverance and will to work hard to make your dream a successful one!

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Designing is all about versatility and experiments!

In today’s time, designing plays a crucial role behind the success of any brand. You cannot survive in the industry if you do not have a unique identity or ability to differentiate your brand from the pack. To stand out from the crowd, creativity is the key and for that you need to hire the best designers or find the best graphic designer jobs.

Graphic designing is not only about changing colours of an image, there is a lot more in this creative field. Now designers have taken a whole new approach to make brands a success hit by making the designs more intense, beautiful and innovative at the same time.

Here, we have mentioned few tips that will surely help you to find some best graphic designer jobs;

This year, some new trends have taken the designing world by storm. With so many innovative and creative ideas, graphic designing has reached to another level. To be in the market and to get graphic designer jobs, you need to learn the latest trends that designers are following these days.

The first and most highlighted trend is usage of bright and loud colours. Gone are the days when brands emphasised on using clean and cut designs. Now designers are using more brighter and louder colours to represent their brands.

Another skill you need to learn to get graphic designer jobs is typography. Learn the importance of typography and fonts to make the design impactful. Big and bold fonts are used to grab attention but make sure it doesn’t affect your context.

If you are searching for graphic designer jobs, make sure you know all the designing hacks in advance. One of such hack is using Google fonts. Firstly, most of them are free to use and secondly, they work really well.

The most challenging part any designer would face while looking for graphic designer jobs is presenting an incredible design. This can be a daunting task if you still rely on stock photos. We live in times where all it takes a little creativity to make an average creative a great one! Try to create illustrations using your imagination and you will create a masterpiece.

By using illustrations, you will be able to differentiate your skills from the pack and this will definitely show your creativity because using those same stock images are way too predictable and boring. So instead of downloading images, start making some of your own.

While preparing yourself to get graphic designer jobs, try to work on GIFs as well. These are perfect way to communicate your message and will add some fun element into your design and content too.

There are many portals where you can search for graphic designing jobs and one such platform is talentrack. On India’s leading talent-hiring platform, you can create your stunning portfolio, start applying for jobs and you will get direct calls from the recruiters if your profile matches the requirements.

Whether you are looking for graphic designer jobs or you are an experienced designer, one thing to need to learn in this creative field is versatility. You cannot survive in this industry If you are not willing to experiment with your designs and have that passion to learn and adapt new techniques every day.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Find the right note, tunes will follow!

There are millions of people who want to become famous singers, show their talent to the world and for these passionate people, singing auditions are the very first step towards their successful career.

Here, we have discussed few tips which can help a budding singer to get through singing auditions;

Before appearing for singing auditions, you need to be a singer first! You need to know your limitations, your skills and your capabilities before auditioning anywhere. Be a master of your art and then step into the field.

Networking is the key to get calls for singing auditions. Try to build up your network as strong as you can. Try to be a part of some singing community, meet industry people and communicate with them on regular basis. You never know which contact of yours might help you in getting that golden chance.

Singing auditions are all about your talent and skills as a singer. You need to choose your genre according to your voice and prepare yourself with the best. You can take classes to learn music and basics of your industry. Along with that, try to rehearse as much as you can. The more you will rehearse, the more perfect you will become in your singing profession.

Be yourself is the first rule to be successful in any profession. Similarly, when you are trying for singing auditions, show your individual side instead of imitating or following someone else. As there is a huge competition in this industry, people who have some unique or different style of singing survive for long.

Though, you can try your network to get some singing assignments, but the most reliable way is the digital way! There are many online portals which can help a singer in his/her career and the best one is talentrack which is India’s leading talent-hiring platform. You can register your profile on talentrack as a singer, update your portfolio and you will start getting details of singing auditions through talentrack’s mobile app, SMS and emails.

At last, just remember confidence is the key to success in any field. You need to have the confidence to show your talent to the world. In case of singing auditions, you can only be confident enough when you are well prepared and know the lyrics of the song you are performing very well. So, keep on rehearsing and give your best note!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Acting auditions are the first step towards stardom!

For people who are passionate about acting and are dreaming to become a superstar one-day, acting auditions are the first step. To get your dream role or to reach your goal, you need to walk through auditions.

Acting auditions are not only the most successful way to grab a dream opportunity but also a process through which an aspiring artist learns a lot about the industry. As stardom cannot happen overnight, you may need to take thousands of acting auditions before you land the first role. Here, we have discussed few types of acting auditions which you can take to fulfil your dream;

For the artists who are specifically looking for acting auditions, there are two basic types of auditions where they will get a platform to showcase their talent. The first in this category are the walk-in interviews. The time, venue and project details are advertised to conduct open audition calls where artists can just walk-in with their portfolio and perform in front of casting agents.

The other one is called private auditions or screen test. The best way to appear in these kind of acting auditions is through an agency or through your network. Here, you will be called by casting agents where they will provide you a script to learn and perform it in front of cameras. The final decision in this case is generally made by the production house and you will be called if they find your profile suitable for the role.

Another way to get acting auditions is the small screen. Today, small-screen is loaded with lots of reality shows and this might be your chance to become a star! Find out what all reality shows are coming up and prepare for them and appear in all the acting auditions for these shows as much you can.

Finding a dream role can be a daunting task, so while waiting for that perfect role try for acting auditions for background actors. Though the duration of your role as an extra may vary but it will be an exciting opportunity and could help you in getting a break into this entertainment industry.

As you try to get a desired role, do not forget to try the digital way. India’s leading talent-hiring platform, talentrack, gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world and get acting auditions in return. All you need to do is create your profile, complete your portfolio and start applying for auditions. You will receive a direct call from the casting agent once your profile gets shortlisted.

You must know that acting auditions are all about your preparation, confidence and how you present yourself in front of casting agents. So, while looking and taking acting auditions do not forget to work on your skills as well. The more you will work on your craft, the more will be the chances to grab your dream project!

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Photography: Capturing the world through lens

Photography is not about clicking random pictures, it is an art that requires full dedication and focus to showcase one’s creativity and talent. You can capture the best pictures only if you have interest and knowledge in that subject.

You might love clicking pictures all the time, but for some it is their passion which they want to turn into a full-time job. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting prepared and ready to grab the best photography jobs.

The right choice: While searching for photography jobs, be specific about the kind of photography you want to do. There are various types in photography including – commercial, industrial, scientific, portrait, photo journalism, etc. So choose the field for which you are passionate about and take as many pictures as you want to make yourself an appealing candidate.

What’s on the other side of lens? You can find many photography jobs to start your career but don’t apply for everything and anything. Before applying, double-check the profile to know what it is about. You might not be interested in doing industrial photo shoots if you love doing commercial photography. So, it’s is up to you to decide what you will prefer on the other side of the camera. Choose a job according to your interest to give your best click.

Know the requirements: Many employers are very specific when it comes to their products and they want each and every detail to be showcased through photographs. While applying for photography jobs, one must know and be prepared about the employer and kind of work he/she is looking for. For instance, if the employer is hiring for an e-commerce company, then you should have experience in that along with a portfolio based on that subject. This will increase your chance of getting a job easily.

Flexible portfolios: Creating more than one portfolio will never harm you, so while applying for photography jobs, try to create different portfolios based on various genres. As you will be attending many interviews, so it can be possible that each employer might ask for different work samples. While having different portfolios, it will be easy for you to showcase your talent and creativity.

Be Specific: When it comes to photography jobs, be specific about the time duration you have to give in for your job. Many employers offer full-time jobs in photography and many look out for freelancers. While applying for one, you need to decide which option you want to go for because some people pursue photography as a hobby and some take this interest to another level by making it as their full-time profession. So while applying, decide carefully and be specific.

Editing: You might be an excellent photographer, but little bit of editing will do you no harm to your creativity and will only enhance your outcome. If you want to excel in your field, learn few editing tools to make your photographs look perfect and clean. Editing will be helpful while creating a portfolio, so instead of putting normal photographs in your portfolio, try to play with it by doing little bit of editing on each photo so that your chances of being selected will be high while applying for photography jobs.

Equipment: Having quality equipment is as necessary as having a good portfolio for getting photography jobs. The equipment you will be needing totally depends upon the type of photography you want to do. You might need two or three cameras and variety of lenses along with a good editing software. Also, if you want to click indoor pictures then you will likely need an additional equipment for lighting, so decide wisely as having quality equipment is important for taking high quality photos.

Don't get discouraged: If you don’t get any response while applying for photography jobs, just don’t get discouraged and keep on pursuing your dream. Click as many photographs as you can and create a portfolio for yourself by including some of your masterpieces and try to grab some freelancing work to make yourself master in this field. Always remember that your work is your passion and let your passion motivate you to be a successful photographer.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Explore writing opportunities in the entertainment industry!

Someone has said it right that writing is the best way through which you can express your feelings. Some people write for themselves, some write for blogs but there are few people who take this creativity to a whole new level while writing for the entertainment industry.

Writing in the film and production space is really exciting as well as challenging. You always need to be on the go whether it’s about some last-minute changes in the script or meeting the deadlines.

For writers who want to be in the media and entertainment industry and trying for writer jobs, here are few options for them to kick start their writing career;

The first step towards getting writer jobs in the production line is to pitch a television producer. Try to contact few known production houses and share your interest about writing and how you can create an amazing script for them. There are so many shows on television today including daily soap operas, episodic shows and reality shows. You can approach any of the specific genre to grab writer jobs.

It might be difficult for you to get the best writer jobs at first because most of the production houses prefer to work with their own writers who are associated with them on long term basis. Still you can try by submitting your own spec script to the producer. This is basically a screenplay of a TV show and it is better if you create a spec script of an existing show as it will be easy for the producer to judge your abilities as they are already familiar with the story line.

For creating some exciting content, radio is the best platform. Apart from scripting a show there are a lot more writer jobs in this mode of communication. You can write jingles, create a new story based show and of course can show your potential by writing for radio advertisements.

When someone is writing for film and production space, their ultimate goal is to write for big budget movies so that they can showcase their talent to the world. You can start your dream of getting writer jobs in movies by being an assistant to some renowned writer and get experience under him. This way, you will learn a lot about the industry as well as you will create good contacts too.

As everything is going digital, finding writer jobs through digital medium is also easy. One of India’s leading talent-hiring platform, talentrack has over 3,000 writers on-board who are applying and getting jobs on daily basis. All you need to do is create an account as a writer on talentrack, complete your profile by uploading some of your work samples and start applying for jobs. You will get a direct call from the recruiter, once your profile gets shortlisted.

Another digital medium to grab writer jobs are web series. These days web series are the new trend in the entertainment business and viewers are also showing a lot more interest in these. All you need to do is create some quirky and exciting content and approach production houses who already have their own channel and running web content on daily basis.

In the end, whatever medium you choose to grab the best writer jobs, just don't forget to work on your writing skills each day. The more you will write, read and observe things around you, the better you will grow as a writer in your career.

Friday, 29 September 2017

With right steps, turn your dreams into reality!

It is true that anyone can dance but only an artist can become a dancer. Dance can be your hobby or it might make you feel happy or free but for some people it is their passion. For all those who want to pursue their passion of dancing, they need to find the best dancer jobs.

While settling your career in dance and finding dancer jobs, you need to up your game just like any other profession. Here, we have mentioned few guidelines that can help you in your dancing career.

First things first! If you really want to turn your hobby into a full-time career then you need to do a lot of research work. Try to know the depth of your field and work on all available aspects to get the best dancer jobs.

Being perfect in your field is the basic step towards your dream role. If you are looking for dancer jobs and want to establish a career in dance then learn choreography first. Though many dancers are known for their specific genre but if you are at the initial stage of your career, try to learn the basics of all dance forms. This will really help if you are looking for long-term career in dancing.

While applying for different dancer jobs, start taking dance classes as well. This way you will gain more confidence, learn new moves and it will be a great source of income as well.

There are a lot of reality shows coming these days which can work as a golden opportunity if you are looking for dancer jobs. Try to audition for these dance reality shows and show your talent to the world.

Networking definitely helps in getting dancer jobs and having a successful career. While you are working hard to make those perfect moves, try to build your network as well. Meet as many people of your respective field as you can. You never know who will play the role of godfather in your career.

It is true that networking will help you getting recognition, but there is another way to grab dancer jobs and that is the digital way. Try to create a portfolio on talentrack, India’s leading talent-hiring platform, as a dancer and upload few of your pictures, videos and description and start applying for dancer jobs. Once your profile gets shortlisted, you will receive a direct call from the recruiter.

In today’s scenario, versatility is extremely important and as a dancer this should be your first thing to achieve in your career. It is amazing to become specialized in a specific genre but it is also important to be a master when it comes to different dance forms.

Whatever efforts you make to get the best dancer jobs, make sure you are always dedicated and motivated to turn your dreams into reality. Being a dancer is your choice and if this profession makes you happy then you only have the power to make it successful.

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