Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Acting is all about exploring the unexplored!

Glitz, glamour, fame and success is what describes an actor’s life. There are so many people who dream about becoming an actor without knowing how the existing superstars started their career and work hard under the proverbial limelight. Having stupendous talent is extremely important to get acting jobs but following only one path is not enough, at least not now!

In India, acting means Bollywood which is also known as the Mecca of the Indian Film Industry, but if you are trying to get acting jobs then Bollywood should not be your only goal. For all aspiring actors there are other options too and those are like open platforms for any artist.

If you are searching for acting jobs, then small screen can be your platform to achieve success. There are a lot of opportunities in the TV industry for artists who are looking for that one chance. With numerous daily soaps and upcoming reality shows, this is the platform where you can try your luck to get your kind of acting jobs.

To become a successful cine star, you have to go through a lot of struggle because it’s not easy to get your first break. So while looking upon your favorite stars for inspiration, try to be a part of theater and stage shows. Working as a theater artist will nurture your craft and you will learn the real meaning of acting which will ultimately help you in getting the best acting jobs.

Now-a-days, there are a lot of opportunities exploding for the artists on various platforms and one of them is the digital platform. If you are struggling to get acting jobs in our film industry then going digital is not a bad idea to start your career with. There are so many short films and web series being made these days and the good part is that the makers experiment with new comers and give them the opportunity if an artist has talent and willing to showcase it.

With lots of opportunities and increasing number of platforms, getting acting jobs is not a difficult task for aspiring artists. What all they require to have is the talent, passion and confidence in their craft to get success. Not to forget, if your start is better then no one can stop you to achieve your dream because someone has said, “Well begun is half done”.

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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Runway of Your Dreams!

If you are getting started in the glamour world and looking for modelling jobs, there are some important steps you should take. It begins with understanding your expectations and the kind of work you wish to do in the industry. There are several types of modelling jobs available such as print, catalogue, runway, commercial and fashion. You should also be clear how seriously you want to pursue modelling as a career.

Modelling is a business and you manage yourself as a business manager. Like any other business, it requires commitment, time, investment and hard-work. Sometimes it takes longer than one would expect to taste success in the industry. Before starting your journey, take out some time to learn and educate yourself about the industry and kind of modelling jobs available in the market.

More you learn about the modelling, more comfortable you would feel talking to people in the business and build contacts. If you don’t have any experience, consider charity fashion shows or any other opportunity of getting a feel of the professional work. You can use this work to enhance your portfolio. Start appearing in open casting calls.

There was a time when modelling agencies would be a starting point of career but now with the help of talent hiring platforms like, one can find direct access to hundreds of modelling jobs posted by agencies as well as event management companies, production houses and fashion labels.

If you are getting into a contract with a modelling agency, be sure of duration, terms of payment, cancellation, exclusiveness and any hidden cost. You should sign only when you are 100% sure. Take help of a lawyer if needed. Another benefit of a modelling career is that you can always take up other related professions like acting if you have a talent and inclination for it.

Your profile speaks volumes about your professionalism so you should have a stunning portfolio with your pictures and also the videos to showcase your talent. Online platforms provide an excellent way to build and share your portfolio. It’s much easier and now becoming an industry standard to share portfolios online. All the recruiters and agencies prefer digital portfolios. Online platforms like have made it even easier to navigate a career in modelling with the help of mobile apps.

These apps help you find relevant modelling jobs, manage your portfolio and even do online auditions! With the help of technology, it’s easier now to find right connections and turn your dreams into reality.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to Succeed as a Freelance Photographer

Someone has said it right that – “a hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”. So, if clicking pictures is your hobby, you can easily make it your profession by being a freelance photographer. Freelancing in photography might seem like an easy task, but when you get into the photo business, you will know how tricky and complicated it gets as having good photography skills is not enough.
Once you have decided about freelance photography as your career option, you have to work more on your administrative skills apart from giving your best shot. Here are some tips for the beginners who are willing to collect some awesome memories while clicking.

First things first! Know what you like to click the most. You can chose your speciality while doing freelance photography and choosing one specific field will help you in buying the equipment accordingly. Though having more than one speciality will help you in getting more work and you’ll become more versatile, but you need to find that one specific field in which you can specialised like many other photographers.

To select a field as your speciality, you can try different photography genre like – wedding, portrait, nature, corporate or industrial. While clicking for each category, you will realize which type suits you the best and what kind of photo-shoots you really enjoy doing.

The next step towards getting freelance photography jobs is to create your own portfolio. Now a days, having a good portfolio is in demand and clients also prefer only those photographers who have well maintained portfolios. In your portfolio, you can include your best shots or can seek help from aspiring models who are willing to work in exchange for photos.

To be in the business and to get best freelance photography jobs, one has to catch up with the latest trends. Now-a-days, everything is digital and to up your game in photography, you also need to create a website of your own where you can showcase your skills and talent to the world.

Your source can give you the best opportunity. Try to reach out to those contacts of yours with whom you would like to work with or from where you would like your work to come. Blogging doesn’t harm anyone, so if you also do one blog a day based on your photography that can also help you in getting good opportunities. In fact, you can ask some best bloggers to do a story showcasing your photography work to get the best freelance photography jobs.

You have to be prompt when it comes to communications. Your one late reply can make you lose a very good opportunity. So each time when you get any requirement or query through emails, messages or phone, try to reply as fast as you can because you never know your loss can be someone’s gain.

Lastly, there is no harm in turning your passion into your profession, but once you start looking for freelance photography jobs, the thing that often goes out of the doors in most of the cases is clicking pictures for your own. You tend to focus so much on your profession that you forget that this is what you love to do and you should click often, not for anyone else, but for yourself.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to Prepare for Modelling Auditions

Modelling auditions can be stressful. As the time of audition comes close, it’s natural to be anxious and nervous. You know, you don’t have to actually! We bring you some tips to prepare well and face the modelling auditions with confidence and leave your mark.

Work on your appearance – Make sure you look healthy and well-groomed. Your attire and the way you carry yourself are very important but you should follow a routine that helps to maintain the health of skin and hair. There are few things you should be doing daily such as washing your face at least twice a day, exfoliate once every week, and remove makeup properly before hitting the sack. 

Choose a modelling goal – Technically there are no rules, but it’s wise to choose a direction according to your body type. In order to increase your chances, you should be aware of your body type and go for suitable assignments. Following kind of modelling jobs are quite popular – 

Fashion Modelling
Runway Modelling
Glamour Modelling
Magazine Modelling
Billboard Modelling
E-Commerce Modelling
Catalogue Modelling
Jewellery Modelling
Showroom Modelling
Swimsuit Modelling
Bikini Modelling
Lingerie Modelling
Night Wear Modelling
Lips Modelling
Hair Modelling
Hand Modelling
Feet Modelling

Know your industry – Educate yourself about the industry by reading magazines, books, articles and Internet. Learn how the industry functions and how the business of modelling is conducted. You also get to know about important skills such as posing and ramp walk. 

Be bold and confident – Your confidence and go-getter attitude matters a lot. Just sitting back and waiting to be noticed won’t be much helpful. You will have to actively promote yourself and look out for opportunities to rise and shine during modelling auditions.

Take your career seriously – The people who don’t take modelling as seriously as a real job are often unable to find much success in the industry. Usually modelling has a small window of opportunity and missing that may not be good for your career. 

Use your creativity – Photo shoots require you to pose in different positions and also with different props. You should exercise your creativity and interact with your environment in innovative manners. You can use photographer’s cues but nothing stops you from adding your styles, emotion and attitude. Similarly, ramp walks and modelling auditions demand a suitable attitude according to the theme and context of the show. 

Modelling auditions try to test your readiness for the industry so you have to make the judges believe that you have what it takes to be the next sensation.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Because modelling is not just about walking the ramp!

Walking on ramp with embellished designer gown is not the only aspect of modelling world, in fact it’s a vast field to discover and one of its indispensable part is modelling agencies. If you want to be closely associated with this industry and have the knowledge of how the world of modelling functions than you can start your own modelling agency.

Though starting a modelling agency is not an easy task yet it can be accomplished if one evaluates different aspects of growth in this business. When you start a modelling agency you must think about the objective of providing modelling jobs to the models who are trying hard for one opportunity.

As you plan to run your own modelling agency, focus on one niche. There are several types of modelling and it won’t be possible for a person to provide modelling jobs in all types of areas.

A modelling agency should be specialized in a particular area to perform best in that specific field. Fashion, runaway, commercial, print and glamour are few types of modelling and each one is completely different from the other.

The best modelling agencies are the one which keep on looking fresh talents and for aspiring models. To increase your marketability, you need to discover new talents. Also, the objective should not be only to provide best modelling jobs to the models but also to groom them and to prepare them for the best.

To find talents for your modelling agency, open auditions are the best way. Models always try to grab modelling jobs and to them auditions are the approachable way to connect and make contacts.

Apart from models, you will also need a good photographer for your agency to shoot portfolios of the models because portfolios are the first step to get modelling jobs. Also, there are many photographers who have good contacts with the models so it will be easy for you to get more talents for your agency.

If you really want to make good money out of your business then sponsorship and partnership are really the good options for you to look upon. You can sponsor modelling events to publicize your agency while giving your models a chance to participate in the same event. Also, you can go into partnership with more successful modelling agency or by buying a franchise from them to kick-start your business.

Apart from all the challenges a modelling agency faces, one of the major challenge is to keep up one’s business reputation in the market. Now-a-days, there are so many scams in the modelling world that models, who try to get the best modelling jobs, gave up their aspirations of becoming a model when they encounter such fake businesses. So, one needs to make considerable efforts to make sure that their business upholds a professional reputation.

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First break is all you need!

There is no doubt that “Acting is everybody’s second favourite job” as great actor and filmmaker Jack Nicholson has said. Some people are living their dream and some are still dreaming about it. In today’s time where you can find numerous acting colleges and courses, knowing acting is not enough in fact getting acting jobs is a task.

There are many opportunities in this entertainment world for the newcomers and for well established artists, but cracking a deal to showcase your talent on-screen is not an easy chore. So, here are some tips to guide you to get better acting jobs:

Do not choose acting as a career if you are mesmerised by the fame and glamour an actor gets after being successful. Searching for acting jobs can be a stressful task, so if you are really willing to be an actor and if acting is your passion, then only enter this field.

Once you are sure about your acting career, study and research more about it. The more knowledge you have about your subject, the better you will perform in front of camera. Do some research, learn what type of training you will need and what will be your plan of action to get best acting jobs and a successful career.

Before jumping into the ocean learn swimming. It is very common these days that youngsters who want to make their career in acting world, enter the industry without knowing its ethics, rules and more than that without knowing anything about acting. So learn the basics of acting by joining some theatre group or by assisting filmmakers.

Take each and every opportunity that comes across. Whether it’s a play, a commercial, documentary or a movie don’t miss any chance to prove your acting skills. Also, get in touch with agents or managers and give them copies of your portfolio in order to get offers for acting jobs.

If you are not getting the kind of acting jobs you desire then there is no harm in working as an extra in a film. This will not only give you experience but also will give you an insight of the working system of our film industry.

At the end, it depends on how smartly you have prepared yourself to grab best acting jobs. There are no shortcuts to becoming successful in this acting world, but if you really want to make a mark in this industry then you need to stay consistent and have patience.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Dil Hai Hindustani – Global Awaaz Ka Indian Andaaz!

In today’s world, Hindi songs have become a global hit as Bollywood music is winning hearts not just in India, but worldwide. The craziness of these songs can be seen on YouTube where people from around the world croon to popular Bollywood songs in their own style. Leading in this direction, a singing reality show ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ by Frames Production Company has come up with a unique idea of finding a talent who has a ‘magical awaaz with a unique andaaz’.

‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ is a singing reality show, looking for the best Hindi music performing artists from across the globe. As the tagline of the show, ‘Global Awaaz Ka Indian Andaaz’ suggests, the show has no such boundaries for talents. Participants belonging to any nationality across the world can participate in the show. Contestants can participate as solo performers, duos or even in groups.

Frames Production Company, which has produced shows like – Dance India Dance, Nach Baliye and Kapil Sharma Show, is the producer of Dil Hai Hindustani. The show celebrates global impact of Indian music and the auditions have already started.

For the first time ever in the history of Indian television, worldwide auditions are being conducted to scout the best talent. Contestants within the age group of 10-50 years from around the world can participate in the show which will be judged by the prominent personalities of our film industry.

Talking about auditions, India’s biggest talent aggregation platform talentrack has partnered with Frames Production Company as the official audition partner for ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’. As auditions are happening all over the country including Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh, participants are shortlisted on the basis of their online auditions. By registering on talentrack’s website, one can give an online audition for ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’.

talentrack has a dedicated team working for the show and they curate each profile before forwarding the audition to the channel. ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ is surely a magnum opus musical extravaganza which has a unique concept and the show in true sense explains that music has no boundaries!