Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beauty Pageants Might Be Your Way To Glory!

Beauty pageants have been a resourceful platform for models, who want to step into the world of fashion. These type of contests, which originated in UK have become more and more popular all over the world. If we talk about famous beauty pageants in India then Femina Miss India is the platform for which every model has dreamt about.

If you are willing to apply for modelling auditions to kick start your career, then here are some tips that will help you in ruling the fashion world.

Earlier, career in modelling was treated as taboo and the only thing that was required to become a successful model was conventional looks. But now, the whole concept of modelling has changed as talent is the first and foremost thing which is required to become a supermodel, followed by an appealing personality.

For modelling auditions, people go all out. From beauty pageants to endorsing brands, models try their luck in each and every business to mark their way. You need to hire a modelling agency to guide you better and give you assignments according to your profile.

These days, beauty pageants are a lucrative business, providing some excellent opportunities and one of such platforms is Femina Miss India. This is a national beauty pageant in India that annually selects representatives to compete in Miss World.

The world-wide recognized beauty contest, Femina Miss India is a dream platform for many models. To audition and be a part of this contest really helps a model to kick start their modelling career.

Beauty pageants like Femina Miss India is so famous, that people don’t mind putting in some extra efforts. Be it grooming sessions or walking classes, beauty sessions or choreography and posing style, models do everything to make their appearance look appealing.

Apart from beauty pageants, you can step into the world of fashion by giving modelling auditions. At initial stage, you can choose to go with print or digital modelling to boost your career as this will help you in getting experience as well.

In the modern sense, the criteria for modelling auditions have changed a lot. Earlier, people were concerned about physical attributes like attractiveness, grace and charm, but now the scenario has been changed. There are a lot more other factors that result in your success such as your intelligence and any unique talent that you possess.

Whether you are trying for beauty pageants like Femina Miss India or regular modelling auditions, the skills you need to showcase are your confidence, communication, looks and posture. Your modelling career totally depends upon these skills and you need to really master in these.

There are several modelling agencies through which you can move upwards in your modelling career, but there are also some platforms which promote and engage the talents in the best way possible. One of such portal is talentrack, India’s biggest talent exchange platform, which helps in making your dream possible. As talentrack is the official online talent partner of Femina Miss India, models can register their profile on the portal and apply for auditions. Such platforms really help in starting a career as the process is smooth and hassle free.

Last but not the least, to be a successful model you should know how to accept rejections. There will be days when you do not get positive response from the companies where you have given modelling auditions. So when such things happen do not let it to disappoint you or make you less confident. Try and re-apply with full confidence again and you will surely achieve success.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Start tuning your career because music has the power to connect people!

Like other industries, our music industry is also one of the kind, exciting place to work at. It’s not all about the glitz and glamour which makes this field exhilarating but it’s the madness, the deadlines, the creativity and of course the hard work that results in good product.

When we talk about the glamour world, getting jobs here is not an easy task as it is difficult to step into the industry and get success instantly, but it is possible. Similarly, getting musician jobs is all about your hard work and talent.

When you step down into the music industry and start looking out for musician jobs, you should realize what kind of role you are searching for yourself in this industry and what skills you are having. This also means that you should be clear whether you want to work with a large record label or just want to work with some management company.

Internship always increases your chances of being hired and similarly for getting musician jobs, one needs to attend some internship as this will not only give you an experience but you will be able to judge your capabilities better. Assisting a music director will help you get that first-hand experience that is required in this industry.

Music industry is one of the competitive fields and it’s not easy to get your kind of musician jobs easily, so before applying for work under some big label or musician, try to create your own job. Don’t wait for other to hire you, instead start working on your music, create an album and then promote it.

Networking plays a vital role in any business and it is renowned for our music industry. You need to be a part of networking events organized for musicians as this will help you make contacts in order to grab musician jobs.

Your talent, skills and hard work will lead you towards the success of your musical journey. Also, sometimes it is good to have multiple career options and one should have the willingness to try out other fields too. For instance, if you are not getting suitable musician jobs, you can associate with films, production houses and similar fields without limiting your profile in music only.

The work and nature of our music industry has changed greatly over the years. So, to be in the business and grab the best musician jobs, try to work on your music keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest music trends. You can also subscribe to few newsletters to get all the updates from the music industry.

Last but not the least, don’t expect that your dreams will come true at one go, you have to go that extra mile with all your hard work. Also, remember that patience is the key to success, so just break your ultimate goal down into achievable steps and enjoy the musical journey!

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Harness your creativity and rule the designing world!

Thoughts, ideas, creativity and you are set to create a masterpiece. If you are in designing field, then you can relate how creativity plays a crucial role in your career. Not everyone possess this talent and one need to be creative and unique to have a successful career in designing.

As Einstein has said, “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought”, you need to put forward your thoughts to be on top and get the best designing jobs. Here, we have discussed few possibilities to start off your designing career;

Before looking out for graphic designer jobs, just take out some time to focus on yourself. Focus on your strengths, motivations and also your weaknesses. This will surely help you in getting your dream job as you would know what style and nature of work you want to do.

If you are looking for graphic designer jobs, then make sure to apply all your efforts as it is a really vast field to explore. From corporate sector to entertainment sector, from digital to print media, every field requires a proficient and experienced graphic designer.

It might be easy for any other professional to make an ordinary resume and present it at the interview. But, for graphic designers, expectations are little high and this can be a turning point of your career. Before applying for graphic designer jobs, make sure your resume is as creative as your field is.

Portfolios are proved to be an essential tool while applying for graphic designer jobs. It is important to make a portfolio according to the job profile for which you have applied. Your portfolio should contain the best of your work – the work you are proud of. Also, make sure that your portfolio binds together the designs in such sequence that it shows your ability to think, to brainstorm and to design.
For grabbing your kind of graphic designer jobs, it is necessary to exploit your other skills too. If you have experience you can add other skills like – photography and illustration to your profile which will definitely help you in getting significant work.

Each and every work counts as you gain some kind of experience through it. For a sustainable job in your field or to get the best graphic designer jobs, it is advisable to work as much as you can even if it is for free. Try to grab some freelance work or volunteer yourself in some project, you want to be a part of.

Doing a part-time job or internship is also a good option. Also, you need to remember that these options are not just important step in launching your career but through these, you will get to explore your field of designing.

To be in demand and on top list of the recruiters, you need to create your online presence. As, everything is digital now, for graphic designer jobs also, you need to publicize your creativity and show your skills through online mediums. Be as active as you can on your social media profiles and create your own blog and share it with your contacts.

Last but not the least, focus on your craft. As Milton Glaser has said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”, so you should always aim for the best and keep on trying, you never know where your next opportunity might come from.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Faces of Fashion World

The world of modelling is glamourous and gives you a very prosperous and fulfilling career but securing a place in the industry and creating a niche is something that doesn’t come easily. The rise of diverse entertainment, media and e-commerce markets has made modelling a very lucrative as well as competitive career.

Though, there are plenty of modelling jobs but the best ones go to those with highest level of professionalism and ability to charm. Every aspiring model sets out to be a supermodel someday, but the path to that kind of stardom is paved with many challenges. It requires determination, time, talent and patience to reach that level.

Modelling jobs are not limited to fashion industry but the opportunities are available in films, TV and internet productions. Almost all the businesses are in constant need of highlighting and marketing their products.

The best way to grab modelling jobs is to publicise your profile as much as you can. You can choose to endorse products at the initial stage. This arena is truly global for a deserving model as they get to work with international brands.

However, getting modelling jobs means one has to face intense competition, tight work schedule and stress. But isn’t it the reality of all careers today? A piece of advice for newcomers would be to begin with a professional photo-shoot preferably by a renowned photographer. Be realistic in your expectations and look for the assignments more suited to your personality and physical appearance.

We are living in an era of glossy magazines and flashy glamorous images splashed over web and social media. It is gratifying to have your face on magazine covers and billboards! Common folks can just dream of matching the beauty standards established by the professional models. Often the images are digitally enhanced to generate unrealistic results but this vision is somewhat unreasonable.

The pressure of grabbing best modelling jobs could lead to failure and resulting depression. To avoid these side-effects of the glamour world, one has to believe in their craft. You can always be your best as apart from your beauty and confidence, there are a lot of other ways too that help in enhancing your appearance and that’s the magic of make-up, photography and of course your dressing sense. 

A model’s work requires constant search for suitable modelling jobs and staying in touch with the industry recruiters. Also it is important for a model to set her own boundaries and make it clear to his/her employer so that surprises and unpleasant negotiations can be avoided. You yourself are responsible for maintaining your dignity and you must be able to handle situations in a professional manner.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Writing is about changing the world into words…

It is absolutely true that “The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words” as William H. Gass has said. You can change the world just by penning down your thoughts. Writing is something that requires you to be creative, imaginary, organized and disciplined towards your passion.

To be a successful writer and get the best writer jobs, you must possess excellent research skills and your unique style of writing through which you can create and develop calibre in writing.
From fiction to non-fiction, from novels to poetry, from scripts to web content, writing field is so diverse that before applying for writer jobs, you need to find which one is your forte where you can excel.

Here, we have mentioned few of the career options in writing that can be opted by a writer;

Writing is one of the profession where most of the writer jobs are freelance basis and you can continue this profession as a secondary career also. You can reach out to various companies who require freelance writers and kick start your writing career.

To diversify your reach as a writer and to grab better writer jobs, you need to make speculative approach to start your career in writing. During your initial stage, you might get frustrated by not getting a positive response. So, you need to learn the fabulous way of pitching clients that results in landing a recurring gig.

Before applying for writer jobs, you need to understand your clients and the kind of content they expect from you. If you are willing to work for a newspaper, you have to be well informed about the things happening around the world. You need to nurture your writing skills according to the style of the newspaper for which you have applied and also you should be able to work under the extreme deadline pressure.

If your writing is up to the notch and you are willing to explore yourself more as a writer then novels and magazines are good options for writer jobs. You can look out for career options as an author or can write a guest post in a magazine.

Blogging is the new way to grab the best writer jobs. If you are maintaining a blog of your own then well and good, but if you’re not, then start doing one. Blogging is one of the hot business in the writing world, either you provide content for other blogger or start earning from your own blog.

Digital media or web content is the new medium to look out for writer jobs. There are a lot of news, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and other websites running on the internet and these require content on daily basis. So, you can choose from over hundreds of websites according to your interest and apply for the job.

As branding plays the key role in the success of any product, many brands do the publicity of their products through content. These companies look out for content writers who can write about their products and get it published through various online and offline mediums. For all those who are looking for writer jobs, can contact various brands and ask them if they need such content that can help in growing their business.

To be in the writing biz means you need to have the ability to accept criticism and understand the meaning of determination, resilience and of course to show your enthusiasm towards writing. Do not forget that ‘Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted’ as said by Jules Renard, so keep on writing your thoughts and apply for writer jobs as much as you can.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tell your stories through photo essays!

Isn’t it the beauty of photography that helps you to preserve those magical moments of your life by creating another series of your journey stitched beautifully all together in one album. Just like painting, clicking pictures is also an art which everyone does not possess. But, if you have that talent to weave your story around a picture then your success is just a click away!

India’s biggest talent hiring platform, talentrack is giving an opportunity to all the photographers to participate in their FotoDiaries Contest under talentrack talkies. All you have to do is to select a theme, click pictures accordingly, upload and share it with your friends through your Facebook profile.

You can submit your entries by creating a photo essay based on any theme out of three themes – A Bicycle Journey, Father & Son or Street Food. To participate and to make your entry outstanding read the following rules;

For entry, you have to create a photo essay, meaning a series of pictures weaved together in a video based on any one of the theme. It can be with or without narration, background music or caption.

Each photo essay has to have a minimum of 5 photographs and a maximum of 15 pictures. Also, the photographs used in the photo essay, should be clicked by you.

You can submit multiple entries for the contest, but only one entry can be submitted for each theme.

If you want to add music to your photo essay then try adding copyright free music available on the internet such as:,

Your photo essays should not exceed the duration of 2 minutes. Also, the photo essay should be stitched in a way that it represents a story based on one of the themes.

All the entries will be evaluated based on the creative quotient and the quality of the end product.

Last but not the least, entries that merely stitch the pictures together, without telling a story relevant to one of the mentioned themes will be disqualified.

The winners will be decided by the in-house jury on the basis of the entries received and weightage will be given to the entries with maximum views on talentrack’s website and social media platforms. 

The first lucky winner will be given Rs. 10,000 along with an yearly upgrade membership of talentrack worth Rs.14,000. The second lucky winner will be entitled to get Rs 5,000 as prize money with half-yearly upgrade membership of talentrack worth Rs. 8,000. The third lucky winner will be awarded with the cash prize of Rs. 3,000 along with 3 months of upgrade membership of talentrack worth Rs. 5,000.

So photographers, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and start clicking, you never know this might be the moment of your life that you’ll cherish forever.

Life is like a dance, you learn as you go…

‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body’ as said by famous dancer Martha Graham and it is absolutely true! Dance is an art through which people usually express themselves. For some, dancing is their hobby and for some it is their passion which they want to turn into their career.

Though dancing is an interesting career option but one has to keep in mind the omnipresence of fierce competition among the professional dancers resulting in limited dancer jobs. So we bring you few career options that can help a dancer to achieve success in their respective fields.

Know your move! That’s the first and foremost step towards the success of your career. You should know which dance form is your strength on the basis of which you can proceed your journey of becoming one of the best dancers or getting suitable dancer jobs.

Starting your dancing journey at an early stage definitely helps you. Start by becoming a member of a theatrical or musical group. This will help you in gaining the confidence, basic knowledge and experience. Theatres are very raw and real and the more you will participate in theatre or musical shows, the more you will be able to nurture your craft and getting dancer jobs.

Another great career option for dancers can be music videos. There are a lot of music videos being made these days and they require fresh and talented dancers to showcase their dancing skills. Also, by being a part of any music video, you might land up getting dancer jobs or becoming an assistant choreographer which is really good to kick-start your dancing journey.

As dancing is a competitive field, unfortunately only few dancers find steady work and this is the harsh fact of the dancing world which eventually forces many dancers to change their career option or to hold other jobs as well.

While taking up dancer jobs, choosing dance teacher as a career aspect can also be considered. This job can be done on a part-time and full-time basis. For teaching dance, you don’t need to have any formal education but if you have worked with some experienced dancer or have a training from some prominent dance school then it will be very helpful.

Choreography can also be an option when looking for dancer jobs. Choreographers play an important role in the movie making business as no film is complete without a song and if there is a song, there has to be dance also. So ideally, to be among the best choreographers of the industry, one has to be an all-rounder in terms of dancing and should be able to perform many types of dance.

There is no doubt that dancing is a rigorous art form and it requires a lot of hard work, patience and persistence to get best dancers job. And if you are here to stay longer, then you have to be physically fit by following a strict diet and of-course a regular exercise routine.

Finding dancer jobs might be a challenging task as everyone is not meant to opt this path but if you have contemplated dancing as your career then you should have a free soul to follow your dreams.
Just remember, life is like a dance, you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow, so don’t worry while thinking about losing your chance, instead dance like no one is watching!