Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Let your passion speak through your designs!

Designing is the most creative field in today’s time and what plays the crucial role in a designer’s life is creativity and work style. To be in the designing business you need to follow the new trends, promote your designs on social media platforms and always have to work to make your designs better than before.

If designing is your passion and you are looking out for graphic designer jobs then here are few guidelines to follow;

Before applying for graphic designer jobs, be clear with your goals and expectations. As designing is a vast field, you might receive various job profiles. So, it is necessary to get enough details about the company and its projects before applying. This will help you in having a good understanding about the work and expectations they have from you.

To have a smoother interview process while applying for graphic designer jobs, you need to know your skills and potential. For instance, you are master in creating designs on Adobe Illustrator but you have applied in a company where they use Visual Studio, in this case you cannot give your 100 percent and match the expectations of the recruiters. So, knowing your skills and recruiters demand will help you in shortlisting the jobs of your kind.

Always be prepared for the unexpected. While giving interviews for graphic designer jobs, you have to be instant with your answers as you never know what your recruiter might ask you! To showcase your designing skills, you may show your portfolio and designing work, but he might ask you to critique a competitor’s design to know your creative process and better understanding. You should always be ready to handle the unknown while giving an interview.

While applying for graphic designer jobs, do not rely on your portfolios. Showcasing your portfolio is not the best strategy to grab a job, especially when it comes to top-level agency work. You may talk about the designs on your portfolio and what inspired you to make those particular choices. This way, you will give a better understanding to the recruiter about your creativity.

Do not wait for the big opportunity to start your career. Start with freelancing and small projects as these will give you an excellent chance to work on different profiles adding experience on your portfolio.

Having relevant industry experience also counts when you apply for graphic designer jobs. Most of the recruiters prefer only those candidates who have knowledge and have worked within the industry. This eliminates the time required to get up to speed on the business and making a successful project.

Finally, apart from your creativity and talent what also matters is your networking and social media skills. Make sure to promote your designs on social media platforms and on job portals as well. Create your profile on some job portals where you can showcase your designs and contact the recruiters directly. One of such portal is talentrack, which provides you a platform to create your own account by adding your designs and description. Also, you can apply to jobs on talentrack and recruiters will call you directly if your profile matches their expectations.

Last but not the least, the biggest thing to remember when applying for graphic designer jobs is that the recruiter is looking for more than just a specific skill set. The expectations of a recruiter are relatively high when it comes to hire a designer because their overall creativity, thinking process and work style are the crucial factors that matters the most. So make sure your designs and thoughts reflect your passion for creativity.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dance like no one is watching!

Dance is the language your body speaks, it helps you to express your emotions without saying a word. As great dancer Wane Dyer has said, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way”, even if you don’t know how to dance, just lose yourself in the music and enjoy your each movement.

We have many dancers around us, some of them are engaged in dancing because it’s their passion while some take this to another level by making it their professional choice. To be on the edge of your dancing career, you must look out for best dancer jobs and to have one, here are some tips:

Connecting with people through your emotions is the very first rule of your dancing career and it also helps you when you are looking for dancer jobs. One must know the art of dancing and know how to express your emotions by your moves.

Just like different languages, we have different dance forms as well. To be in the race of best dancer or to grab the best dancer jobs, it is necessary to know your style. Be it classical, freestyle, ballet, folk, contemporary, hip-hop or krump, you should know which dance style suits you the best before you apply for dancer jobs.

Looking out for dancer jobs is not an easy task, so while applying for your dream job, you can perform dancing in your daily routine too. Dancing is a great workout regime and it's proven that nothing burns calories like powerful dancing. You can practice your profession and be fit at the same time.

To get the best dancer jobs, it is not necessary to go in person and show your talent. Now-a-days, when everything is going digital, your dancer jobs are also just a click away. With talentrack, India’s largest talent exchange platform for media and entertainment community, it is way much easier to get your dream job.

With over 3,000 dancers on-board, talentrack provides you a digital platform to select and apply for dancer jobs. By registering your profile on talentrack as a dancer, you can upload your pictures, videos and description on your profile and can easily apply to any dancer jobs that suits your profile. Once, the recruiter receives your application and finds your profile perfect for the role, your job is done!

Whether you do dancing for your hobby or for passion, it is anyway better for one’s overall development. Also, if you love dancing then it’s not compulsory to find dancer jobs, you can practice it as your hobby too. Dancing is always better and it actually helps in letting out everything making you feel lighter. At the end, it doesn’t matter if you know dancing or not, just dance with your heart and your feet will follow.

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Photography - A click can be cherished forever!

A picture beautifully describes a moment captured, a slice of life frozen in time, a frame for eternity and a story forever. Though we cannot remember each and every moment of life and cannot steal a moment from the fast paced life around us, but yes, we can definitely seize and capture some awesome moments by one click and those can be cherished forever.

Clicking pictures can be your hobby which you want to do in your spare time, but it can also be your passion which you want to convert into a profession. With the thousands of photographers around us, it is really difficult to start and grow your photography business.

If you have dream of living a life of ethereal photo shoots and want to grab the best photography jobs then here are some tips to click-start your journey;

Anyone can be a photographer by clicking a picture, but what really matters is how to present the soul of the subject with your photography skills. To apply for best photography jobs, one must possess the art of clicking pictures.

During an initial stage, assist some experienced photographers to know the intricacies and gain knowledge of photography business. This will not only give first-hand experience but also help you in creating contacts, resulting in best photography jobs.

Before applying for photography jobs, it is necessary to know your subject. If you are interested in fashion photography then applying for the job of product photographer would not work. Look out for those jobs only in which you have experience and you can give your best shots.

There is no harm in applying for freelance photography job s which you can do alongside your full-time job. You will find many companies interested in hiring freelance photographer. In this case, you will be paid per project and the best part is – your resume will be full of different projects while making you an experienced photographer.

If you dream photography and cannot wait to grab the best photography jobs, then go digital! There are several websites which pay handsome amount to the photographers for their best click. Try to find the web portals who have photography jobs available according to your profile and apply.

Apart from mentioning your portfolio in your resume or sending it to different recruiters by mail, create your own website and publish your work. Though maintaining a website can be a tough task and could cost your pocket a little more, in that case, you can opt for best digital platforms which allows you to have your own micro-site.

talentrack, India’s best talent exchange platform, is one of the best way to achieve success in the media and arts community. You can register on talentrack and by upgrading your profile to premium, you will get your own micro-site. This can be really helpful as you can upload your work and get it promoted on various social media platforms.

Lastly, apart from spending hours scouring the internet and your contacts for open photography jobs, utilize your time to learn the best ways of clicking pictures because in the end the only thing that counts is your talent!

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Singing Auditions – It’s all part of the success!

Regardless of age, genre, personality, experience or ability, there is one thing that unites all singers and that is fretfulness which comes automatically when they appear for singing auditions. Whether you want to be the next singing sensation, or just want to form a band, musical production or choir, singing auditions are the first step to achieve your dream.

To increase your chances of being selected at the auditions, you need to simply prepare yourself adequately. Here, we have mentioned few guidelines that will help you in cracking a great deal;
With the increasing number of singing reality shows these days, there is a lot more opportunity for the talented singers around us. Those who are looking for that one break, singing auditions for reality shows is your way towards achieving success.

Some people take singing auditions so casually that they turn up for auditions totally unprepared. Whether you have experience and confidence on your talent or not, you have to do a little bit of homework and practice in order to increase your chances of being selected.

Your choice matters a lot when you appear for singing auditions. For singers, your musical connect with the audience is the only thing that results in your success and it is possible when you choose the right song according to your ability. You need to understand your genre and choose your song accordingly while preparing for singing auditions.

There are thousands of people who appear for singing auditions, make sure you reach before time and be prepared to sing without any nervousness. Also, while interacting with the crew present at the venue, one must be calm because first impressions are key here. You should walk with confidence, even if you are nervous.

Your posture and body language plays an important role while you sing as this can increase or decrease your voice quality. Make sure you practice well before applying for singing auditions in order to avoid any embarrassing situation.

Also, make sure that you practice singing on daily basis and not just before appearing for singing auditions. If you have not sung in a while, you cannot expect to go into an audition and perform well. Singing every day is essential to keep your voice in form.

While attending the singing auditions, try to maintain certain distance with the people around there. Be friendly but don’t talk too much and share limited information. Also, just like your voice, your dressing also matters when it comes to singing auditions. Dress appropriately and avoid glamorous and well fitted clothes.

As everything is going digital now, singing auditions are also possible via digital mediums. One of such platforms that allows you to submit your audition online is talentrack. India’s biggest talent exchange platform, talentrack was a part of country’s biggest singing reality shows – The Voice India (Season 2) and Dil Hai Hindustani, and it is the platform where singers can register and submit their online auditions without any hassle.

Whether you appear for singing auditions or submit it online, the only thing you need to focus is on your talent. To have a successful career in singing, you need to enjoy your own music. This is the foremost thing that will help you in connecting with your audience. So, just stay calm and prepare yourself!

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A ticket to the filmy world – Casting Agents

Apart from the artists, producers, directors and cinematographer there are people who play a crucial role in any movie and these unsung heroes are none other than the casting agents. These are the people who assemble the perfect cast of a film and are closely associated with the directors and producers of the industry.

If you are looking to get a break in the film industry, then casting agents are your definite lead. These are the most approachable person in the industry and if you have that knack, they will fight to get you your dream role.

For all aspiring artists who are looking for that one break, here are some tips for you to step onto the first stair of your successful career by approaching the casting agents.

When you are trying to build association with casting agents, first impressions count. It is really important to follow the basic advice people usually give – always be on time and be prepared with your current resumes. If you’re meeting the casting director for the first time, never make him wait for you, instead reach before time to give a good impression.

Surviving in the film industry truly depends upon your relationships with the people and how you maintain them. Similarly, to maintain a cordial relationship with casting agents, do not miss a single chance. Attend events where you think you can meet casting directors. Be it some play or a movie screening or a success party, just go at these kind of events and try networking with them.

Your appearance matters a lot. When called for auditions, try to look your best and according to the character as these are the minutes that casting agents observe a lot. Do not overdress but yes dress mainly to represent your character.

In any profession, your attitude plays a vital role in your success. Similarly, when approaching casting agents, try to keep a professional attitude and don’t show your desperation to get a roll. The casting directors have the best knowledge of their field and they perfectly know their job, so your eagerness would not work here.

You should always have a sense of understanding. No matter how close you are to grab your dream role, always try to maintain a professional relationship with casting agents. Do not share your life story or anything irrelevant except your talent as this might bring down your image.

Once you meet casting agents for auditions or for some meeting, always have the courtesy to send a thank-you note to them. This is a great way to be in touch with that person, but do not go overboard with your feelings. Sending emails or messages every single day will completely put them off and obviously, you cannot force anyone to get you on-board.

Lastly, if you do not get any positive response from casting agents, do not feel neglected as they receive thousands of profile each day and it is not easy for them to respond to each of them instantly. Always try to look out for opportunities and have faith in your talent.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beauty Pageants Might Be Your Way To Glory!

Beauty pageants have been a resourceful platform for models, who want to step into the world of fashion. These type of contests, which originated in UK have become more and more popular all over the world. If we talk about famous beauty pageants in India then Femina Miss India is the platform for which every model has dreamt about.

If you are willing to apply for modelling auditions to kick start your career, then here are some tips that will help you in ruling the fashion world.

Earlier, career in modelling was treated as taboo and the only thing that was required to become a successful model was conventional looks. But now, the whole concept of modelling has changed as talent is the first and foremost thing which is required to become a supermodel, followed by an appealing personality.

For modelling auditions, people go all out. From beauty pageants to endorsing brands, models try their luck in each and every business to mark their way. You need to hire a modelling agency to guide you better and give you assignments according to your profile.

These days, beauty pageants are a lucrative business, providing some excellent opportunities and one of such platforms is Femina Miss India. This is a national beauty pageant in India that annually selects representatives to compete in Miss World.

The world-wide recognized beauty contest, Femina Miss India is a dream platform for many models. To audition and be a part of this contest really helps a model to kick start their modelling career.

Beauty pageants like Femina Miss India is so famous, that people don’t mind putting in some extra efforts. Be it grooming sessions or walking classes, beauty sessions or choreography and posing style, models do everything to make their appearance look appealing.

Apart from beauty pageants, you can step into the world of fashion by giving modelling auditions. At initial stage, you can choose to go with print or digital modelling to boost your career as this will help you in getting experience as well.

In the modern sense, the criteria for modelling auditions have changed a lot. Earlier, people were concerned about physical attributes like attractiveness, grace and charm, but now the scenario has been changed. There are a lot more other factors that result in your success such as your intelligence and any unique talent that you possess.

Whether you are trying for beauty pageants like Femina Miss India or regular modelling auditions, the skills you need to showcase are your confidence, communication, looks and posture. Your modelling career totally depends upon these skills and you need to really master in these.

There are several modelling agencies through which you can move upwards in your modelling career, but there are also some platforms which promote and engage the talents in the best way possible. One of such portal is talentrack, India’s biggest talent exchange platform, which helps in making your dream possible. As talentrack is the official online talent partner of Femina Miss India, models can register their profile on the portal and apply for auditions. Such platforms really help in starting a career as the process is smooth and hassle free.

Last but not the least, to be a successful model you should know how to accept rejections. There will be days when you do not get positive response from the companies where you have given modelling auditions. So when such things happen do not let it to disappoint you or make you less confident. Try and re-apply with full confidence again and you will surely achieve success.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Start tuning your career because music has the power to connect people!

Like other industries, our music industry is also one of the kind, exciting place to work at. It’s not all about the glitz and glamour which makes this field exhilarating but it’s the madness, the deadlines, the creativity and of course the hard work that results in good product.

When we talk about the glamour world, getting jobs here is not an easy task as it is difficult to step into the industry and get success instantly, but it is possible. Similarly, getting musician jobs is all about your hard work and talent.

When you step down into the music industry and start looking out for musician jobs, you should realize what kind of role you are searching for yourself in this industry and what skills you are having. This also means that you should be clear whether you want to work with a large record label or just want to work with some management company.

Internship always increases your chances of being hired and similarly for getting musician jobs, one needs to attend some internship as this will not only give you an experience but you will be able to judge your capabilities better. Assisting a music director will help you get that first-hand experience that is required in this industry.

Music industry is one of the competitive fields and it’s not easy to get your kind of musician jobs easily, so before applying for work under some big label or musician, try to create your own job. Don’t wait for other to hire you, instead start working on your music, create an album and then promote it.

Networking plays a vital role in any business and it is renowned for our music industry. You need to be a part of networking events organized for musicians as this will help you make contacts in order to grab musician jobs.

Your talent, skills and hard work will lead you towards the success of your musical journey. Also, sometimes it is good to have multiple career options and one should have the willingness to try out other fields too. For instance, if you are not getting suitable musician jobs, you can associate with films, production houses and similar fields without limiting your profile in music only.

The work and nature of our music industry has changed greatly over the years. So, to be in the business and grab the best musician jobs, try to work on your music keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest music trends. You can also subscribe to few newsletters to get all the updates from the music industry.

Last but not the least, don’t expect that your dreams will come true at one go, you have to go that extra mile with all your hard work. Also, remember that patience is the key to success, so just break your ultimate goal down into achievable steps and enjoy the musical journey!

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