Friday, 13 October 2017

Photography: Capturing the world through lens

Photography is not about clicking random pictures, it is an art that requires full dedication and focus to showcase one’s creativity and talent. You can capture the best pictures only if you have interest and knowledge in that subject.

You might love clicking pictures all the time, but for some it is their passion which they want to turn into a full-time job. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting prepared and ready to grab the best photography jobs.

The right choice: While searching for photography jobs, be specific about the kind of photography you want to do. There are various types in photography including – commercial, industrial, scientific, portrait, photo journalism, etc. So choose the field for which you are passionate about and take as many pictures as you want to make yourself an appealing candidate.

What’s on the other side of lens? You can find many photography jobs to start your career but don’t apply for everything and anything. Before applying, double-check the profile to know what it is about. You might not be interested in doing industrial photo shoots if you love doing commercial photography. So, it’s is up to you to decide what you will prefer on the other side of the camera. Choose a job according to your interest to give your best click.

Know the requirements: Many employers are very specific when it comes to their products and they want each and every detail to be showcased through photographs. While applying for photography jobs, one must know and be prepared about the employer and kind of work he/she is looking for. For instance, if the employer is hiring for an e-commerce company, then you should have experience in that along with a portfolio based on that subject. This will increase your chance of getting a job easily.

Flexible portfolios: Creating more than one portfolio will never harm you, so while applying for photography jobs, try to create different portfolios based on various genres. As you will be attending many interviews, so it can be possible that each employer might ask for different work samples. While having different portfolios, it will be easy for you to showcase your talent and creativity.

Be Specific: When it comes to photography jobs, be specific about the time duration you have to give in for your job. Many employers offer full-time jobs in photography and many look out for freelancers. While applying for one, you need to decide which option you want to go for because some people pursue photography as a hobby and some take this interest to another level by making it as their full-time profession. So while applying, decide carefully and be specific.

Editing: You might be an excellent photographer, but little bit of editing will do you no harm to your creativity and will only enhance your outcome. If you want to excel in your field, learn few editing tools to make your photographs look perfect and clean. Editing will be helpful while creating a portfolio, so instead of putting normal photographs in your portfolio, try to play with it by doing little bit of editing on each photo so that your chances of being selected will be high while applying for photography jobs.

Equipment: Having quality equipment is as necessary as having a good portfolio for getting photography jobs. The equipment you will be needing totally depends upon the type of photography you want to do. You might need two or three cameras and variety of lenses along with a good editing software. Also, if you want to click indoor pictures then you will likely need an additional equipment for lighting, so decide wisely as having quality equipment is important for taking high quality photos.

Don't get discouraged: If you don’t get any response while applying for photography jobs, just don’t get discouraged and keep on pursuing your dream. Click as many photographs as you can and create a portfolio for yourself by including some of your masterpieces and try to grab some freelancing work to make yourself master in this field. Always remember that your work is your passion and let your passion motivate you to be a successful photographer.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Explore writing opportunities in the entertainment industry!

Someone has said it right that writing is the best way through which you can express your feelings. Some people write for themselves, some write for blogs but there are few people who take this creativity to a whole new level while writing for the entertainment industry.

Writing in the film and production space is really exciting as well as challenging. You always need to be on the go whether it’s about some last-minute changes in the script or meeting the deadlines.

For writers who want to be in the media and entertainment industry and trying for writer jobs, here are few options for them to kick start their writing career;

The first step towards getting writer jobs in the production line is to pitch a television producer. Try to contact few known production houses and share your interest about writing and how you can create an amazing script for them. There are so many shows on television today including daily soap operas, episodic shows and reality shows. You can approach any of the specific genre to grab writer jobs.

It might be difficult for you to get the best writer jobs at first because most of the production houses prefer to work with their own writers who are associated with them on long term basis. Still you can try by submitting your own spec script to the producer. This is basically a screenplay of a TV show and it is better if you create a spec script of an existing show as it will be easy for the producer to judge your abilities as they are already familiar with the story line.

For creating some exciting content, radio is the best platform. Apart from scripting a show there are a lot more writer jobs in this mode of communication. You can write jingles, create a new story based show and of course can show your potential by writing for radio advertisements.

When someone is writing for film and production space, their ultimate goal is to write for big budget movies so that they can showcase their talent to the world. You can start your dream of getting writer jobs in movies by being an assistant to some renowned writer and get experience under him. This way, you will learn a lot about the industry as well as you will create good contacts too.

As everything is going digital, finding writer jobs through digital medium is also easy. One of India’s leading talent-hiring platform, talentrack has over 3,000 writers on-board who are applying and getting jobs on daily basis. All you need to do is create an account as a writer on talentrack, complete your profile by uploading some of your work samples and start applying for jobs. You will get a direct call from the recruiter, once your profile gets shortlisted.

Another digital medium to grab writer jobs are web series. These days web series are the new trend in the entertainment business and viewers are also showing a lot more interest in these. All you need to do is create some quirky and exciting content and approach production houses who already have their own channel and running web content on daily basis.

In the end, whatever medium you choose to grab the best writer jobs, just don't forget to work on your writing skills each day. The more you will write, read and observe things around you, the better you will grow as a writer in your career.

Friday, 29 September 2017

With right steps, turn your dreams into reality!

It is true that anyone can dance but only an artist can become a dancer. Dance can be your hobby or it might make you feel happy or free but for some people it is their passion. For all those who want to pursue their passion of dancing, they need to find the best dancer jobs.

While settling your career in dance and finding dancer jobs, you need to up your game just like any other profession. Here, we have mentioned few guidelines that can help you in your dancing career.

First things first! If you really want to turn your hobby into a full-time career then you need to do a lot of research work. Try to know the depth of your field and work on all available aspects to get the best dancer jobs.

Being perfect in your field is the basic step towards your dream role. If you are looking for dancer jobs and want to establish a career in dance then learn choreography first. Though many dancers are known for their specific genre but if you are at the initial stage of your career, try to learn the basics of all dance forms. This will really help if you are looking for long-term career in dancing.

While applying for different dancer jobs, start taking dance classes as well. This way you will gain more confidence, learn new moves and it will be a great source of income as well.

There are a lot of reality shows coming these days which can work as a golden opportunity if you are looking for dancer jobs. Try to audition for these dance reality shows and show your talent to the world.

Networking definitely helps in getting dancer jobs and having a successful career. While you are working hard to make those perfect moves, try to build your network as well. Meet as many people of your respective field as you can. You never know who will play the role of godfather in your career.

It is true that networking will help you getting recognition, but there is another way to grab dancer jobs and that is the digital way. Try to create a portfolio on talentrack, India’s leading talent-hiring platform, as a dancer and upload few of your pictures, videos and description and start applying for dancer jobs. Once your profile gets shortlisted, you will receive a direct call from the recruiter.

In today’s scenario, versatility is extremely important and as a dancer this should be your first thing to achieve in your career. It is amazing to become specialized in a specific genre but it is also important to be a master when it comes to different dance forms.

Whatever efforts you make to get the best dancer jobs, make sure you are always dedicated and motivated to turn your dreams into reality. Being a dancer is your choice and if this profession makes you happy then you only have the power to make it successful.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The world is your ramp!

A career in modelling is no less than one in acting. You need to have skills, patience and confidence to showcase your talent to the world. As famous model Arizona Muse has said, “Modelling is really silent acting”, a model needs to go through all the challenges what an actor experiences in his/her career.
Whether you are looking for modelling jobs or dreaming about becoming the next supermodel, following guidelines will help you in your career;
In this glamour industry where you are willing to grab the best modelling jobs, your first target should be modelling agencies. Steered by fashion’s fickle whim, these agencies are always looking for aspiring and fresh models.
You can start by shortlisting top modelling agencies in your city and sign an agreement with the one, you feel is the best and will help in making your career and providing you the best modelling jobs.
Many people say that to become a successful model, you need to create a stunning portfolio first. But that’s not true at all. Do not waste too much amount on making expensive portfolios to get modelling jobs, instead try to create short videos of yourself and send those to the agencies.
While doing photoshoots and portfolio shoots, try to be as natural as you can. Do not try to put a lot of makeup and just try to be yourself. This can really help you in getting perfect modelling jobs without putting an extra effort.
While looking out for modelling jobs, never ever believe anyone except your client and agency. Try to cut out the middle man and communicate with your agency directly.
To be a successful model and grab the best modelling jobs, try to promote yourself as much as you can. You can even hire professionals who can help in promoting your portfolio and getting you projects.
Successful models are not known just for their beauty but also for their personality and behaviour. If you are willing to stay for long in this glamour industry and grabbing the best modelling jobs then try to socialise as much as you can. Meeting new people and making contacts is the foremost thing in this glamour industry.
One of the successful ways to get modelling jobs is the digital way. This is the best, fast as well as free way to promote yourself and get the best projects. You can use social media platforms to promote yourself or can choose a website where you can search best modelling jobs and apply at the same time. One of the recommended websites to create modelling portfolio online is talentrack which is also India’s largest talent-hiring platform. All you need to do is register, create your portfolio and start applying for jobs. Once your profile gets shortlisted, you will receive a direct call from the recruiter.
There so many other ways too through which you can grab the best modelling jobs but before all that you need to know yourself and your limits. If modelling is really your passion then push your limits, work hard and just find out what kind of modelling will suit you and then go for it!

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Casting is all about finding the right fit!

The unsung heroes of our entertainment industry, casting agents have the most crucial jobs. Their work reflects in the success of a film because no matter how great the story line is, in the end it is always the cast that takes the credit.

The job of casting agents is highly acclaimed and rewarding but it is also very challenging. Here, we have discussed few of the challenges that casting agents face in their career;

Having the knowledge of acting is the first rule of becoming a casting director. If you do not have experience in acting or knowledge of literature, you cannot work for a long-term in this particular field. While doing casting of a film, all casting agents think about each and every character as an artist.

24 hours a day is not enough for casting agents. One of the major challenge is to do your job within the given deadline. You need to contact artists, conduct auditions and select the artists in that specific time period.

Another challenge is working on different projects at the same time and giving the best results. It is very common for casting agents to cast for different films at one time. In this situation, you need to know the depth of the projects on which you are working and also the demands of the story and director.

One of the major challenges for casting agents that come across is forceful casting of famous stars. Many times, casting agents are being forced to cast some well-known faces from the industry just to make film a big hit. In this case, casting directors can talk to the directors and share their thoughts about the casting and how taking famous celebs can damage their story line. 

Contacting talents and scheduling auditions can be a daunting task for casting agents, in this case, one can go the digital way. India’s leading talent-hiring portal for media and entertainment field, talentrack has over 1.5 lac artists. All you need to do is create a profile on talentrack and start contacting talents by posting your requirements.

Whether you are new in the field of casting or an experienced one, the only thing you need to learn is trust your gut. You cannot become one of the best casting agents if you don’t trust yourself and are not ready to take risks. To justify your role as a casting director, you should have enough confidence that you can go with an underdog for a big budget movie.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

“Where words fail, music speaks..”

Music is something that touches soul and it’s like the universal language of the mankind. Some people enjoy music, while some have the passion to create one. These people are known as music composers and they live to entertain people by creating some amazing music.

Whether you are starting your musical journey or already have some experience in it, here we have mentioned few steps that will surely help you in getting the best musician jobs;

First things first! Before looking out for musician jobs, become a professional in the music business. You need to continuously work on your skills and it is necessary to learn everyday about new techniques and trends in the music world.

To grab the best musician jobs, it is very important for you to have perfect vocabulary and great music sense. Work to enhance your knowledge of instruments and vocabulary.

A music composer is known for their unique style. You will not survive for long in this business if you don’t have the calibre and skills to think out of the box and create some extraordinary piece of music. When you will be able to create outstanding music, you will be able to get the best musician jobs.

While looking out for musician jobs, don’t forget about your recordings as they play an important role in your success. The director will not judge you on the basis of your skills or voice, but they will definitely judge you on the basis of your recordings. Make sure your recordings are of high quality and represents the true talent of yours.

It’s been said that successful careers are built on stage and being comfortable on stage is the primary rule of this music industry. So, when you apply for musician jobs, you should be ready to perform live among thousands of people.

Freelancing is a great option when it comes to musician jobs. While collaborating and creating your own music, try to get some freelance music composing jobs online. Try to find out some productions houses which are looking for freelance musicians and apply to their jobs.

With over 1 lakh artists, talentrack is the leading talent-hiring platform and a great way to grab the best musician jobs. You can register on talentrack as a musician, create your portfolio and start applying for jobs. You will get a direct call from the recruiter, once your profile gets shortlisted. It’s as simple as that!

Lastly, to survive in the music industry and getting the best musician jobs, you need to improve your overall musical skills continuously in order to stay in trend. Also, as this is a very competitive field, you might get rejection at certain points and people may criticize your talent, but you need to stay strong and you need to have the ability to deal with critical situations.

Singing is like spreading the magic!

As Marilyn Manson has said, "music is the strongest form of magic", similarly singing is like spreading that magic. For many people singing is living their dream, it is their passion and it is their devotion to the art of music that they choose it as their full-time career.

Singing might be your hobby or something which you would like to entertain the people around you with, but for those who live to sing and want to make their career in singing, it is very difficult to establish a career in this field. From finding jobs to appearing for singing auditions, everything seems to be scary at the first.

Here, we have mentioned few tips that will help you in improving as well as giving your best at singing auditions.

First of first, be extremely prepared before appearing for singing auditions. You need to practice your song over and over again and need to train yourself to get best expressions while singing.

If you choose a perfect song, you are half done for your singing auditions. Always choose a suitable song that you know very well and also it should suit your voice too! If you choose some difficult lyrics or complicated song, you will end up messing up your audition, so choose wisely.

Before you appear for singing auditions, warm up your voice. It is one of the most important tip that will help to awaken the power of your vocals. Warming up will also help you in avoiding losing control of your voice or cracking during the auditions.

While you appear for singing auditions, you can also create a portfolio on talentrack. On talentrack, which is India's largest talent-hiring platform, singers can choose and apply for jobs and appear for singing auditions which are posted on the platform each day.

In the process of searching and appearing for singing auditions, do not forget that it is your passion and dream which you have to fulfil. No matter how much struggle you have to do or how much criticism you need to face, you have to overcome all your problems and face the world with your mellifluous voice.